To the Moon and Back no. 2 - 70x100

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The art series To the Moon and Back is an upcycling of the  Just Blue posters.

It’s made in accordance with Camilla’s overall ambition that we should surround ourselves with things that we can use and reuse again in new ways.

The series is the result of an intuitive, artistic play of both forms and technic with new strict laser cut forms against the original soft brush strokes. This play has furthermore included experimenting with distance – the physical distance between the layered objects as well as the concept of distance expressed in the phrase “To the moon and back”.  

The art works can be displayed alone or combined. The works are all one of a kind but have a visual kinship with the blue colour and the circle and moon represented in each work. The designer’s humorous nature comes across in the series with the chosen combination of words and colour; the words say “Don’t be blue” but the works are in fact… blue.


One of a kind
Size: 70 x 100 cm
Multilayered paper in handmade oak frame with glass.

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