DIY Strups ring with eucaluptus

DIY Strups ring with eucaluptus

Make a super easy and stylish Strups Ring


What you need:

  • Strups Ring

  • Eucalyptus

  • Wire

  • Scissors


Step 1

Cut the wire into app 10 cm long pieces

( I find it easier to hide the wire when I use small pieces instead of “struggling” with the whole wire roll )



Step 2

Lay out the eucalyptus on the ring to make a rough plan on how to tie it on the Strups Ring



Step 3

Tie on the eucalyptus to the ring using the small pieces of wire.

I use a technic where I wrap it twice and then twist it - on the back - to secure and tighten it.


Step 4

Lift the ring and check if the eucalyptus stays in place. If not tie it a bit more.


Step 5

Cut off excess pieces of wire on the back



Step 6

Hang the ring and enjoy.